Monday, November 3, 2008


HEB is my favorite grocery store. If you live in South Texas, then you know about HEB. But those who do not it is the greatest place. HEB has recenlty expanded into Mexico.

From Wikipedia:

The company was founded in 1905 when Florence Butt opened C.C. Butt Staple and Fancy Groceries on the ground floor of the family home in Kerrville, Texas. In 1919, Howard Edward Butt, her youngest son, took over the store upon his return from World War I. In 1924, he expanded the Butt Grocery Company with a new store in Junction, about 60 miles (97 km) from Kerrville. Charles, the youngest son of Howard E. Butt, became president of the H.E. Butt Grocery Company in 1971. Today, Charles Butt is chairman and CEO of H-E-B, having grown the business from sales of $250 million in 1971 to $13 billion in 2006. In 2003, the company was #10 on Forbes' list of largest privately held companies; H-E-B is also the largest privately held company in Texas. Mr. Butt, whose fortune is estimated to be over $2 billion, is the richest man in San Antonio.
Historically, the company is known for its generosity, with 5% of annual pretax earnings given to civic and charitable causes in the communities they operate in, including education and food banks. In December 2006, Chairman Charles Butt gave $1 million to the McNay Art Museum for the new Jane and Arthur Stieren Center for Exhibitions.
H-E-B is also environmentally driven, focusing on recycling and conservation, and in 1999 began converting their Houston distribution fleet to run on liquefied natural gas.
The year 2005 marked the company's 100th year in operation.

Some stores are typical grocery stores, but recently there has been a trend with HEB to bring in more unique products, gourmet products, prepared foods in the Cafe on the Run, pharmacy, dry cleaners, banks branches, cell phone stores, electronics departments, photo centers, florists, books sellers, food demonstrations, sushi bar... the list goes on. I could purchase a flat screen TV, a bicycle, a bottle of salad dressing, and a $40 a pound steak all in one location!

HEB recently opened a new store a block from my house. Now a block in Texas isn't 200 feet like some places, it is about 4 minutes away driving 45 mph. So that is a block. The new store has it all going on. This weekend I went to check it out and saw a woman dispensing the most gourgeous olive oil into a bottle. I asked her about it and she offered me one. I stepped back since olive oil has become more expensive than a gallon of gasoline and asked the price. I stepped forward when she said with this coupon it was free! So off I went and picked up a few more items before checking out. Anything free is a prize, but when I saw it ring up at $7.99 and ring off $7.99 with the scan of a coupon I was in heaven!

I went home and imediatly called my girl friend Susie. She was busy and was to call back. When my husband returned from dove hunting I informed him we were going back to HEB to get more free olive oil. He was so impressed he was game. Ususally men don't go for making a trip to the grocery store just to get something for free. When we returned to the neighborhood, I found Susie in her yard and off we went in her car back to HEB. Of course each trip we made purchases to offset the oil.

I told my mom, aunt and sister-in-law and we all went back on Sunday for more oil.

I gave away one bottle and I have four beautiful bottles of oil.

I found out that HEB gave away 1,000 litters of olive oil over the weekend.

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Barlow Family said...

We did have fun didn't we! :) I think I need to try those Oatmeal cookies!!! : )

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